We are just gators in the swamp.

Go For Launch

I’ve created this site to serve as a creative outlet for my writing. It is a reinvestment in a skill that for many years, I have only used sparingly. As I start this journey anew, I am exited about where it will take me, and the evolution of voice and subject matter that is sure to occur.

there will always be the open web for the geeks, the misfits, the eccentrics, the control freaks, and any other term we can think of to proudly express our healthy skepticism of giving up too much control over what really should be ours.

In tandem with having a space to write, I also have a black box in which to experiment with web technologies, and to embrace the idea of owning my identity.

I would be remiss to not mention a couple of the people who provided inspiration for this endeavor: Rands, Marco, Gruber, Dediu, and Siracusa.